Global Framework

Research-based international framework for mapping future ready skills.


The only framework that focusses on Students, Teachers and Job-seekers and provides easy to understand can-do-statements to understand the achievement levels.

Micro Levels

Defines the achievement at eight levels (A1 to D2) for students and six levels (A1 to C2) for Teachers and Job-seekers.


Can be adapted by institutions and organisation through CIFR trained and certified advisors to create world standard assessments and improvement programmes.

What is CIFR

The Common International Framework of Reference for Future Readiness, abbreviated as CIFR, is a guideline used to describe the level of Skill Achievement of Students, Teachers and Job Seekers in their relative contexts.

The CIFR is intended to make it easier for educational institutions and employers to evaluate the skills of individuals for learning, teaching and employability.

The CIFR was put together by international experts through a research project initiated and supported by The Future Foundation, Zamit, UK and Qualifications and Assessments International, UK.

The CIFR trained and certified experts are available to consult institutions, employer, government bodies and other user segment to help with adapting the CIFR and developing assessments and improvement solutions.

Research based and global

CIFR is the result of a 4-year research followed by trials of the scale on over 2,000 users at different levels and in different countries to enable the development of a truly international framework.

Developed by international experts

The CIFR has been created in England, UK with expertise of international experts in Education, Psychology, Research, Science & technology, English language and Assessment frameworks.

Defines skills in Nine Dimensions

The CIFR has been structured in a manner to club skills required for success for Students, Teachers and Job-seekers into Nine Dimensions that link to each other in an integrated manner

Defines micro levels of achievement

The CIFR provides benchmarking on a global scale. It provides for Eight-levels of A1 to D2 for Students, whereas Six-levels for Teachers and Job-seekers at A1 to C2.

Easy to use achievement descriptors

The CIFR provides for simple and easy to use can-do-statements for each Dimensions across the micro-levels which provides a very clear understanding of what an individual can-do at a particular level.

Build your own - Adaptable

The CIFR has been designed in a manner that institutions, employers and corporate organisations can use the CIFR to develop their own assessments and improvement programmes by using the CIFR’s international scale and micro level.

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